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Executive Committee


Kimbralee Guerra

Redwood Community Servc
CoC Chair

6/23 ~ 1/24

Bruno Sabatier

District 2 Supervisor

CoC Vice Chair

8/23 ~ 1/24

Melissa Kopf

Non-Voting Member

Lake County Behavioral Health Services
CoC Analyst, HMIS Administrator


Heather Frawley         5/23 ~  1/25        Adventist Health Clearlake              HMIS/CES Chair
Debra Fiedler             5/21 ~ 1/23         Community Member                       Interfaith Chair
Holly Masterson         5/23 ~ 1/25         Lake Office of Education                  Performance Review Chair
Ana Santana              5/23 ~ 1/25        Lake Office of Education                  Strategic Planning Chair
Kara Ingram               6/23 ~ 1/25        Redwood Community Services          Point-in-Time Chair

Other Committee Members


Lived Expertise Chair


Nicolas Walker 

City of Lakeport

Government Official

10-23 ~ 1-25

Administrative Entity
Lake County Behavioral
Health Services
Elise Jones and Scott Abbott
Non-Voting Members

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