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Funding Opportunities Information

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program provides grants for local collaborative groups that assist individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing supportive care services as they move through barriers contributing to homelessness or housing insecurities. 

Projects must designate a collaborative applicant and successfully complete a collaborative registration process to be eligible to apply for funding. The registration process allows for:

  • Confirmation of geographic service area

  • HUD's preliminary appropriation of need to geographic areas

  • Request for Unified Funding Agency designation

Request for High Performing Community designation
Confirmation of an intent to submit a proposal. 

Eligible project applicants include:

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • States

  • Local governments

  • Instrumentalities of state and local governments

  • Public housing agencies

Eligible projects include:

  • The Housing First Model

  • Equity for underserved communities

Individual CoC program funding amounts are based upon HUD priorities, locally determined priorities, and overall demand for funds.

The CoC applies for state and federal grants and then issues its own RFPs for subrecipients to perform the work, based on the priorities identified in the Strategic Plan.  Potential subrecipients send in proposals to the AE who forwards them to the Grants Committee.  After review and an interview, the Grants Selection Committee use the scoring sheets which are then tabulated by the AE and the recommendation is then sent to the  Executive Team for approval.  Following Executive Team approval, the awardees are notified and there is time for an appeal process.  After that time period, performance-based contracts are created between the AE and the awardee subrecipients. State reporting and ongoing monitoring will take place by the AE and the Performance Review Committee until the contract is completed.

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